Forever Young

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Picture this: the suburban basement where you gather with friends and maybe chuckle at that old record player and box of records left by your parents to gather dust. These five young singers discover the joy of feeling music from the moment you place that record on the turntable, click the play lever, and watch the record drop, the arm swing over, and the stylus set down. There's that soft static-like whisper of sound . . . then the magic of music sings from the speakers; it's a joy that's been lost with years of internet 'downloading' and smart phone wielding youngsters.

 Forever Young brings back that feeling as it takes a musical journey from the 60's through the songs of this new century. This musical theater production takes place in that basement retreat in the Midwest and uses powerhouse vocals and energetic dance moves to tell the exciting and sentimental journey of a lifetime!